The measurement of a thermodynamic property known as temperature is based on

A. Zeroth law of thermodynamics

B. First law of thermodynamics

C. Second law of thermodynamics

D. None of these

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  1. Workdone in a free expansion process is
  2. Which of the following has the highest calorific value?
  3. For the constant pressure and heat input, the air standard efficiency of gas power cycle is in the order
  4. The pressure exerted by an ideal gas is ________ of the kinetic energy of all the molecules contained…
  5. The buckling load for a given column depends upon
  6. In a tensile test, near the elastic limit zone, the
  7. One kg of ethylene (C2H4) requires 2 kg of oxygen and produces 22/7 kg of carbon dioxide and __________…
  8. The value of 1 mm of Hg is equal to
  9. The heat flows from a cold body to a hot body with the aid of an external source. This statement is…
  10. Modulus of rigidity may be defined as the ratio of
  11. A cycle consisting of two adiabatic and two constant pressure processes is known as
  12. A cycle consisting of two constant pressure and two isentropic processes is known as
  13. After reaching the yielding stage while testing a mild steel specimen, strain
  14. The root mean square velocity of the gas molecules is given by (where k = Boltzmann's constant, T =…
  15. The mass of excess air supplied is equal to
  16. The limit of eccentricity for no tensile conditions for a column of circular section of diameter (D)…
  17. The hard coke is obtained when carbonisation of coal is carried out at
  18. The thermal efficiency of an ideal gas turbine plant is given by (where r = Pressure ratio)
  19. The value of shear stress which is induced in the shaft due to the applied couple varies
  20. The ratio of molar specific heats for mono-atomic gas is
  21. All perfect gases change in volume by 1/273th of its original volume at 0°C for every 1°C change…
  22. The maximum stress produced in a bar of tapering section is at
  23. In an irreversible process, there is a
  24. The unit of energy is S. I. units is
  25. Charles' law states that all perfect gases change in volume by __________ of its original volume at…
  26. When wood is heated with a limited supply of air to a temperature not less than 280°C, the resulting…
  27. Resilience is the
  28. Which of the following gas has the highest calorific value?
  29. A process, in which the temperature of the working substance remains constant during its expansion or…
  30. The bending moment at a point on a beam is the algebraic ________ of all the moments on either side…