Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below it.
% profit Earned by a company over the years Per Cent Profit = (Income Expenditure) / expenditure x 100.

The per cent profit earned by the company in the year 2009 was what percent of the per cent profit earned by the company in the year 2005?

A. 200

B. 240

C. 260

D. 255

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  1. In which month did the company witness maximum sales growth?
  2. Which share showed the greatest percentage increase in market value in any month during the entire period?
  3. What is the gross profit in 1993?
  4. How many restaurants performed better than Sarson in Take away and better than Dhaba in Dine In?
  5. The maximum increase in price per cubic metre for any product between two years was
  6. What is the difference between the total number of students passing out from college A and the total…
  7. Assuming that no employees left the job, how many more people did the company take on in the given period?
  8. The simple annual growth rate in sales was the highest between the years?
  9. Find the total number of automobiles exported in the year 1999 :
  10. If the profit earned in 2006 by Compnay B was 8,12,500, what was the total income of the company in…
  11. If the expenditure of the company in the year 2006 was 75,000, what was the ratio of income to expenditure…
  12. Total number of girls enrolled in all the three schools in the year 2004 was what percentage of the…
  13. In which value score, there exists a no difference state between the personal profile and average male…
  14. In which month was the greatest absolute change in market value for any share recorded?
  15. Which year was the least profitable from the fiscal point of view?
  16. The price volatility of the commodity with the highest PV during the February-July period is approximately…
  17. If C has achieved the lowest possible score then-
  18. Which year registered the maximum sales turnover?
  19. Who grew at the fastest rate in the first two months of life?
  20. In which school was the difference between the number of girls enrolled in the year 2008 and 2004 minimum?
  21. The number of students keeps on increasing by 50 every years. In 1998, there were 250 students. For…
  22. What is the profit in the year 1998?
  23. Among the four infants, who grew the least in the first five months of life?
  24. What was the maximum value of spending on CSR activities in the period 2004 2009?
  25. How many of the restaurant definitely performed better than Dhaba in both Take away and Dine In?
  26. In which year is the profit per rupee of equity the highest?
  27. In which month did the company earn maximum profits?
  28. If the total amount invested by the two companies in 2009 was ` 27 lakh while the amount invested by…
  29. In which year, the maximum profit was generated vis--vis in?
  30. Approximately, what was the actual profit made by the department store in the second quarter of 1999?