The rivets are used for __________ fastenings.

A. Permanent

B. Temporary

C. Semi-permanent

D. None of these

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  1. Stirling cycle consists of
  2. The expansion ratio (r) is the ratio of (where v1 = Volume at the beginning of expansion, and v2 = Volume…
  3. The efficiency of Diesel cycle increases with
  4. A riveted joint in which the number otrivets decrease from innermost to outer most rows is called
  5. The absolute zero pressure will be
  6. The bending moment of a cantilever beam of length l and carrying a uniformly distributed load of w per…
  7. The property of a material which allows it to be drawn into a smaller section is called
  8. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, when the load W is applied in the centre of the beam, the…
  9. The value of 1 mm of Hg is equal to
  10. A simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at B and w per unit length at A is shown…
  11. A thin mild steel wire is loaded by adding loads in equal increments till it breaks. The extensions…
  12. The buckling load for a given material depends on
  13. If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a _________ column.
  14. The general gas energy equation is (where Q1 - 2 = Heat supplied, dU = Change in internal energy, and…
  15. The value of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) is __________ that of at constant volume (cv).
  16. Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
  17. The heat flows from a cold body to a hot body with the aid of an external source. This statement is…
  18. The atomic mass of oxygen is
  19. Coke is produced
  20. A vertical column has two moments of inertia (i.e. Ixx and Iyy ). The column will tend to buckle in…
  21. The shape of cantilever for uniformly distributed load will be
  22. In a steady flow process, the ratio of
  23. The polytropic index (n) is given by
  24. The fuel mostly used in blast furnace for extracting pig iron from iron ores is
  25. Efficiency of a riveted joint is the ratio of its strength (max. load it can resist without failure)…
  26. For the same maximum pressure and temperature,
  27. The unit of energy is S. I. units is
  28. When a bar is subjected to a change of temperature and its deformation is prevented, the stress induced…
  29. When the gas is cooled at constant pressure,
  30. Percentage reduction in area performing tensile test on cast iron may be of the order of