Tool life is measured by the

A. Number of pieces machined between tool sharpenings

B. Time the tool is in contact with the job

C. Volume of material removed between tool sharpenings

D. All of the above

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  1. If a particular Fe-C alloy contains less than 0.83% carbon, it is called
  2. The factor responsible for the formation of continuous chips with built up edge is
  3. In drilling softer materials, the cutting speed is _________ as compared to harder materials.
  4. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  5. In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 -0.010⁺⁰⁰⁴⁰…
  6. The carbide tools operating at very low cutting speeds (below 30 m/min)
  7. In machining metals, surface roughness is due to
  8. What type of fusion welding process is used for welding sheet metals of all engineering metals (except…
  9. A taper tap has
  10. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  11. Which of the following parameters influence the axial feed rate in centerless grinding?
  12. The factor which affects the tool life is
  13. The chuck preferred for quick setting and accurate centering of a job is
  14. The correct sequence of the following parameters in order of their maximum to minimum influence on tool…
  15. Calculate the weld per minute, work speed of circular electrode of 220 mm diameter for carrying out…
  16. In DC arc welding, if leads are arranged in work as Negative pole of the welding arc and electrode as…
  17. Glazing in grinding wheels takes place when the
  18. The increase in depth of cut and feed rate __________ surface finish.
  19. Quality screw threads are produced by
  20. In which of the following machine, the work rotates and the tool is stationary?
  21. The ductile materials, during machining, produce
  22. Climb milling is chosen while machining because
  23. Two 1 mm thick steel sheets are to be spot welded at a current of 5000 A. Assuming effective resistance…
  24. Stellite preserves hardness upto a temperature of
  25. In electro discharge machining, tool is made of
  26. A dynamometer is a device used for the measurement of
  27. The high cutting speed and large rake angle of the tool will result in the formation of
  28. A process of removing metal by pushing or pulling a cutting tool is called
  29. The process of removing metal by a cutter which is rotated in the same direction of travel of workpiece,…
  30. The grade of grinding wheel depends upon