When two springs are in series (having stiffness K), the equivalent stiffness will be

A. K

B. K/2

C. 2K

D. K/4

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  1. In designing a connecting rod, it is considered like __________ for buckling about Y-axis.
  2. A shaft is subjected to a maximum bending stress of 80 N/mm² and maximum shearing stress equal…
  3. According to maximum shear stress theory, the maximum shear stress in the shaft is
  4. Which one of the following is a positive drive?
  5. A screw is said to be a self locking screw, if its efficiency is
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  10. The strap end of a connecting rod of steam engine is joined by
  11. The edges of a boiler plate are bevelled to an angle of
  12. Yield point in fatigue loading as compared to static loading is
  13. The distribution of the forces along the length of key fitted in a shaft
  14. The crest diameter of a screw thread is same as
  15. In nitrated parts, the origins of the fatigue cracks will occur at
  16. When the length of the journal is equal to the diameter of the journal, then the bearing is said to…
  17. For steel, the ultimate strength in shear as compared to ultimate strength in tension is
  18. A spring is used to
  19. The ratio of driving tensions in V-belt drives is __________ flat belt drives.
  20. The process extensively used for making bolts and nuts is
  21. A machine part subjected to __________ is called a strut.
  22. The shear plane in case of bolts should
  23. Coaxing is the procedure of increasing
  24. Two shafts of the same length and material are joined in series. If the ratio of their diameters is…
  25. The elasticity is the property of a material which enables it to
  26. Turn buckle has
  27. Oil in journal bearing should be applied at the point where load is
  28. For a bevel gear having the pitch angle θ, the ratio of formative number of teeth (TE) to actual…
  29. A sliding bearing which operates without any lubricant present, is called
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