The size of a cam depends upon

A. Base circle

B. Pitch circle

C. Prime circle

D. Pitch curve

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  1. Spring stiffness is
  2. The process which improves the machinability of steels, but lowers the hardness and tensile strength…
  3. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.
  4. The stress in the threaded part of the bolt will be __________ as compared to the shank.
  5. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  6. According to I.B.R., the efficiency of a triple riveted butt joint with double straps of unequal width…
  7. The cold working of metals is carried out __________ the recrystallisation temperature.
  8. Screws used for power transmission should have
  9. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  10. Rivets are generally specified by
  11. A bolt of M 24 × 2 means that
  12. If P1 and P2 are the tight and slack side tensions in the belt, then the initial tension Pi (according…
  13. Which is correct statement? Stress concentration in static loading is
  14. Fabric belts are used in industrial applications because
  15. In order to avoid tearing of the plate at edge, the distance from the center line of the rivet hole…
  16. If the size of a standard specimen for a fatigue testing machine is increased, the endurance limit for…
  17. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  18. The ratio of driving tensions in V-belt drives is __________ flat belt drives.
  19. According to I.B.R., the factor of safety of riveted joint should not be less than
  20. In order to obtain bolt of uniform strength
  21. The design of pin of a rocker arm of an I.C. engine is based on
  22. When two nonintersecting and non-coplanar shafts are connected by gears, the arrangement is known as
  23. At low temperatures (say 75°C) the notched bar impact value of steel
  24. When the belt is transmitting maximum power,
  25. Which process will increase the fatigue duration of parts?
  26. A taper key which fits half in the key way of the hub and half in the key way of shaft, is known as
  27. Turn buckle has
  28. A key capable of tilting in a recess milled out in a shaft is known as
  29. A column is known as a long column if the slenderness ratio is
  30. If the centre distance of the mating gears having involute teeth is varied within limits, the velocity…