Directions: Study the graph given below to answer these questions.

Which year registered the maximum sales turnover?

A. 1994

B. 1995

C. 1992

D. 1993

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  1. In which of the following years, there was the maximum net growth in car sales as compared to its earlier…
  2. The expenditure in April 1999 was . . . . . . . . higher than that of corresponding period in 1998.
  3. For which restaurant difference is maximum in revenue earned through Chinese food in Take-away and Dine-in…
  4. Approximately, how many kg of Potassium Nitrate can be dissolved in 10 litres of water at 30°C?
  5. Of the years indicated below, in which year was the ratio of CSR Assets the maximum?
  6. Among the four infants, who grew the least in the first five months of life?
  7. If the expenditure of the company in the year 2006 was 75,000, what was the ratio of income to expenditure…
  8. What was the ratio between the number girls enrolled in the school-C in the year 2007 and the total…
  9. What was the difference between the average sales index and the average cost index?
  10. What is the average monthly expenditure during the year 1999 covering the period shown in the graph?
  11. If the forecasted demand is met by having uniform production during the weeks at an average level, then…
  12. If there were 30 % old men (approx.) in the club in 2013 then what is the percentage of new young men…
  13. The circulation in October is . . . times than that of July.
  14. Assuming that no employees left the job, how many more people did the company take on in the given period?
  15. If the profit earned by the company in the year 2008 was 90,000, what was the income of the company…
  16. In which values score, there exists maximum difference between average female profiles and personal…
  17. The highest percentage of growth in sales, relative to the previous year, occurred in
  18. The expenditure in 1997 was ….. less than that of the corresponding period in 1999.
  19. If the maximum production capacity is 300 units, then the unmet demand will be
  20. In which year women and men ratio is greatest?
  21. What were average sales and costs of figures for XYZ Co. over the period of ten months?
  22. In which month did the company witness maximum sales growth?
  23. If 1 mole of Potassium Chloride weighs 0.07456 kg, approximately. How many moles of Potassium Chloride…
  24. Which month has the highest profit per employee?
  25. Score of how many of the groups can be determined uniquely?
  26. In the given personal profile, which is the value with the lowest score?
  27. Suppose that each widget sells for Rs. 150. What is the profit earned by ABC Ltd. in July? (Profit is…
  28. The maximum increase in price per cubic metre for any product between two years was
  29. The number of educated and illiterate members (not highly educated) who joined the club in 2013 as a…
  30. Which of the following salts has greatest solubility?