Directions: Use the graph given below to answer these questions : Given is graph is the profile of values of a college student marked as personal profile. The normative profiles are given as average male profile and average female profile.

Compare the three and state which of the given values is the highest in the personal profile of the student?

A. Theoretical

B. Religious

C. Social

D. Economic

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  1. In which year was the total number of girls enrolled in all the three schools together second highest?
  2. Approximately, what was the actual profit made by the department store in the second quarter of 1999?
  3. What is the ratio of the total number of males to the total number of females passed out from all the…
  4. The rate of growth during the third month was the lowest for
  5. The expenditure in April 1999 was . . . . . . . . higher than that of corresponding period in 1998.
  6. In which of the following years, there was the maximum net growth in car sales as compared to its earlier…
  7. The number of students keeps on increasing by 50 every years. In 1998, there were 250 students. For…
  8. Which month records the highest profit?
  9. In 2003, the total sales of the company measured in cubic metres was made up of 40% plywood, 30% sawn…
  10. If the expenditure of the company in the year 2006 was 75,000, what was the ratio of income to expenditure…
  11. How many restaurants performed better than sarson but not better than Foodie either in Take away or…
  12. Which product had the largest percentage increase in price per cubic metre over the 7 year period?
  13. The performance for which of the following houses is the best?
  14. If the profit earned in 2006 by Compnay B was 8,12,500, what was the total income of the company in…
  15. Defining profitability as the ratio of net profit to sales, IVP Ltd. recorded the highest profitability…
  16. After which month did Seetas rate of growth start to decline?
  17. Which of the salts has greater change in solubility in kg / litre of water between 15°C and 25°C?
  18. The circulation in October is . . . times than that of July.
  19. In which of the following years was the production of motorbikes exactly 40% of the total production…
  20. How many of the restaurant definitely performed better than Dhaba in both Take away and Dine In?
  21. In which year women and men ratio is greatest?
  22. Which month has been the least expensive during 1999?
  23. The highest percentage of growth in sales, relative to the previous year, occurred in
  24. Score of how many of the groups can be determined uniquely?
  25. How many restaurants performed better than Sarson in Take away and better than Dhaba in Dine In?
  26. What is the average per cent profit earned by the company over the years?
  27. If there were 30 % old men (approx.) in the club in 2013 then what is the percentage of new young men…
  28. For which of the following houses is the percentage change in the results maximum for any years over…
  29. Among the four infants, who grew the least in the first five months of life?
  30. Total number of girls enrolled in all the three schools in the year 2004 was what percentage of the…