Study the following graph carefully to answer these questions.
The line graph below shows per cent profit earned by two companies producing electronic goods over the years % Profit = Profit earned / Total Investment x 100 Profit Earned = Total Income Total Investment in the year

What is the correct answer?


If the profit earned in 2006 by Compnay B was 8,12,500, what was the total income of the company in that year?

A. 12,50,000

B. 20,62,500

C. 16,50,000

D. None of these

Correct Answer :

B. 20,62,500

Let x be the investment, 55% of x = profit earned (8,12,500).
X = 12,50,000 then income
= profit earned + investment
= 20,62,500 (approx.).

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