You create a UserControl having a TextBox and include that in a separate Form. Can you use all the properties of the TextBox in the UserControl from that Form?

A. Yes

B. No

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  1. While handling keystrokes if e.Handled=True is set then Visual Basic
  2. The EventLog's ________ method is used to write an entry to a log file
  3. To display multiple columns in ListView the View property must be set to
  4. Set method is used to
  5. InputBox by default returns ________ values
  6. _________ actually updates the values in a DataSet permanently
  7. You can assign a Main Menu to any control
  8. A Class can inherit both Class and Interface at a time
  9. A DataSet can be updated only when the connection is open
  10. In TreeView to get the node the mouse is pointing to, use
  11. We need multiple ErrorProviders from multiple controls.
  12. /*1. Class C2. public notoverridable sub abc()3. msgbox("Base Class")4. end sub5. end Class /* The Error…
  13. Using OLEDB you can connect more than one table
  14. ScrollBars can be added to
  15. A thread can be started only once
  16. A function can have multiple return statements
  17. A form can have only one default button
  18. Using ADODB multiple tables can be connected at a time
  19. ________ converts to long datatype
  20. This view pops up if "Ctrl+F1" is pressed
  21. _________ and _____________ combines to make a KeyPress event
  22. You create a UserControl having a TextBox and include that in a separate Form. Can you use all the properties…
  23. dim arr(10) as string, the max index of the array is
  24. To make a button the default button, this property of the form must be set
  25. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  26. A single OLEDBAdapter can have many DataSets
  27. /*1. OleDataAdapterq1.update(DataSet1,"emp")2. OleDataAdapterq1.update(DataSet1,"std")3. DataSet1.Merge(DataSet1)4.…
  28. A DataSet can hold multiple tables even if there are similar fields
  29. Get method is used to
  30. VB.NET does not support control arrays