A rigid body possesses ________degrees of freedom

A. One

B. Two

C. Four

D. Six

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  1. If some links are connected such that motion between them can take place in more than one direction,…
  2. The Ackermann steering mechanism is preferred to the Davis type in automobiles because
  3. A point on a connecting link (excluding end points) of a double slider crank mechanism traces a
  4. Which of the following disciplines provides study of inertia forces arising from the combined effect…
  5. Sense of tangential acceleration of a link
  6. In order to balance the reciprocating masses,
  7. Which of the following is an open pair?
  8. The equation of motion for a single degree of freedom system with viscous damping is 4(dx²/dt²)…
  9. The instantaneous centre of a rigid thin disc rolling on a plane rigid surface is located at
  10. Davis steering gear consists of
  11. In steady state forced vibrations, the amplitude of vibrations at resonance is __________ damping coefficient.
  12. The size of cam depends upon
  13. The purpose of a link is to
  14. A rigid body possesses ________degrees of freedom
  15. A slider moves at a velocity v on a link revolving at ω rad/s. The coriolis component of acceleration…
  16. The two links OA and OB are connected by a pin joint at O. If the link OA turns with angular velocity…
  17. In a Hartnell governor, if a spring of greater stiffness is used, then the governor will be
  18. Ball and a Socket forms a
  19. The velocity of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion, at any instant is given by (where ω…
  20. The contact ratio is given by
  21. A mechanism __________ for transmitting or transforming motion.
  22. The steering of a ship means
  23. If the radius of gyration of a compound pendulum about an axis through e.g. is more, then its frequency…
  24. Whirling speed of the shaft is the speed at which
  25. When a slider moves on a fixed link having curved surface, their instantaneous centre lies
  26. When a rigid body is suspended vertically and it oscillates with a small amplitude under the action…
  27. Which is the false statement about the properties of instantaneous centre?
  28. In vibration isolation system, if ω/ωn < 2, then for all values of damping factor, the transmissibility…
  29. In gramophones for adjusting the speed of the turntable, the following type of governor is commonly…
  30. When the radius of rotation of balls __________ as the equilibrium speed increases, the governor is…