A cam mechanism imparts following motion

A. Rotating

B. Oscillating

C. Reciprocating

D. All of the above

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  1. Angle of action of cam is defined as the angle
  2. In order to facilitate starting of locomotive in any position, the cranks of a locomotive with two cylinders,…
  3. An imaginary circle which by pure rolling action, gives the same motion as the actual gear, is called
  4. In a flat collar pivot bearing, the moment due to friction is proportional to
  5. A simple spring-mass vibrating system has a natural frequency of fn. If the spring stiffness is halved…
  6. If there are L number of links in a mechanism, then number of possible inversions is equal to
  7. In vibration isolation system, the transmissibility will be equal to unity, for all values of damping…
  8. A body of weight W is required to move up the rough inclined plane whose angle of inclination with the…
  9. In a reciprocating steam engine, when the crank has turned from inner dead centre through an angle θ,…
  10. Which of the following mechanisms produces mathematically an exact straight line motion?
  11. What is the number of instantaneous centres for an eight link mechanism?
  12. Hammer blow
  13. Angular acceleration of a link can be determined by dividing the
  14. A combination of kinematic pairs, joined in such a way that the relative motion between the links is…
  15. The secondary unbalanced force is maximum __________ in one revolution of the crank.
  16. The ratio of the number of teeth to the pitch circle diameter in millimetres, is called
  17. The type of gears used to connect two non parallel and non intersecting shafts is
  18. A point on a connecting link (excluding end points) of a double slider crank mechanism traces a
  19. The Kutzbach criterion for determining the number of degrees of freedom (n) is (where l = number of…
  20. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  21. The face of the tooth is the
  22. The relation between the controlling force (Fc) and radius of rotation (r) for a stable spring controlled…
  23. The pitching of a ship produces forces on the bearings which act __________ to the motion of the ship.
  24. The pressure angle of a cam is the angle between the direction of the follower motion and a normal to…
  25. ________ is an inversion of Double slider crank chain.
  26. Flexible coupling is used because
  27. The flank of the tooth is the surface of the tooth __________ the pitch surface.
  28. A flywheel is fitted to the crankshaft of an engine having W as the amount of indicated work per revolution…
  29. Which of the following statement is correct?
  30. Which of the following statement is wrong?