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  1. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  2. _________ and _____________ combines to make a KeyPress event
  3. This property of TrackBar is not present
  4. A Class can inherit both Class and Interface at a time
  5. To use HelpProvider, the following properties of the form needs to be set
  6. FolderBrowserDialog displays
  7. The default event handler of TextBox is
  8. Dim a() as Integer-{1,2,3,4}is a valid statement
  9. Data from DataSet is accessed using34
  10. To redimension an array with its previous values intact use ___________ keyword
  11. To view Panels of a StatusBar set _________ to true
  12. A DataSet can hold multiple tables even if there are similar fields
  13. To override Finalize function the scope of the function must be
  14. If nothing is selected in a combo box, its index value is
  15. To vertically arrange all forms in an MDI form use
  16. If a Label control's AutoSize property is set to True, can you resize the control
  17. To add items stored in an array to a ListView use
  18. If a button click event is to be fired when the user press the 'Esc' key, set the buttons name against…
  19. While handling keystrokes if e.Handled=True is set then Visual Basic
  20. If Option Explicit is on then Dim i as Integer="10" will produce an error
  21. To call a buttons click event use
  22. On error goto lbl is a
  23. The name of the IDE window that allows you to see the hierarchical arrangement of the files in your…
  24. In TreeView to get the node the mouse is pointing to, use
  25. ________ converts to long datatype
  26. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  27. VB.NET supports Multi Level Inheritance
  28. In reports ___________ property help to assign user-defined criteria
  29. A Windows Service if installed cannot be uninstalled
  30. A form can have only one default button