Government planners play a central role in allocating resources:

A. Only under socialism(communism)

B. Only under capitalism

C. Under both (a) and (b)

D. None of the above

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  1. If the commodity is normal then the Income Effect (I.E) and the Substitution Effect (S.E):
  2. The budget constraint equation of the firm is:
  3. Average cost means:
  4. In substitution effect, we:
  5. The slope of isocost line (budget line) shows:
  6. The proportional demand curve in monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), is like…
  7. The relationship between price effect, income effect and substitution effect is:
  8. The entry of new firms in cournot model is:
  9. Which of the following would be least likely to cause a consumer to eat less beef?
  10. When elasticity of demand is one (e=1), then following the formula MR=P[1-1/e], the MR will:
  11. Marginal utility means:
  12. An increase in the price of the good measured on the horizontal axis causes:
  13. In monopolistic competition, the firm compete on the basis of:
  14. Identify the author of The Affluent Society?
  15. In the long-run competitive equilibrium:
  16. Monopolistic firm can fix:
  17. In Bertrand model, the entry of new firms is:
  18. Who introduced the concept of Elasticity of Demand into economic theory?
  19. The demand curve of a firm in monopolistic competition is:
  20. Which of the following does not have a uniform elasticity of demand at all points?
  21. Each short run average cost curve:
  22. An individual consumers demand is not determined by:
  23. When income of the consumer increases then demand curve of an inferior good:
  24. The normal long-run average cost curve is influenced by the:
  25. The addition or increment to the total cost involvesd in expanding or contracting output by one unit…
  26. Contraction of demand means:
  27. The slutsky demand curve includes:
  28. Change in quantity demanded (expansion and contraction of demand) is:
  29. Which of the following is an implicit cost of production?
  30. Marginal utility equals:

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