In a boundary layer developed along the flow, the pressure decreases in the downstream direction. The boundary layer thickness in this case will

A. Decrease gradually

B. Increase gradually

C. Increase rapidly

D. Remain constant

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  1. On decreasing the grain size of a polycrystalline material, the property most likely to deteriorate…
  2. When an isolated thermodynamic system executes a process,
  3. __________ property of steel increases by addition of large amount of silicon in it.
  4. Boiler draught of 10 mm water column is equivalent to
  5. __________ stress cannot be sustained by a fluid in equilibrium.
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  8. Ceramic compounds as compared to metallic compounds
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  12. A pycnometer is used for the measurement of
  13. Wrought iron is never shaped by
  14. Galvanic corrosion cannot be prevented by
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  19. Sudden fall of atmospheric pressure by a large amount is an indication of the
  20. For an ideal gas, Cp - Cv is
  21. Pick out the correct statement about the condensation.
  22. In __________ process, there is an increase in entropy with no degradation of energy.
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  24. Magnetic permeability of iron is increased by its
  25. Which of the following is an example of stress corrosion?
  26. The heat of neutralisation remains constant, when there is a reaction between dilute solutions of strong
  27. Yield strength of a polycrystalline metal with an average grain size d, is proportional to
  28. Vibration upto 100 kilo hertz can be most accurately measured by a __________ type accelerometer.
  29. Addition of __________ to steel does not impart hardness.
  30. Pick out the correct statement.