In a spherical dome subjected to concentrated load at crown or uniformly distributed load, the meridional force is always

A. Zero

B. Tensile

C. Compressive

D. Tensile or compressive

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  1. To prevent segregation, the maximum height for placing concrete, is
  2. Most common method of pre-stressing used for factory production is
  3. Pozzolanic properties exist in
  4. Critical section for shear in case of flat slabs is at a distance of
  5. Setting time of cement increases by adding
  6. Permissible compressive strength of M 200 concrete grade is
  7. Separation of water or water sand cement from a freshly concrete, is known
  8. To obtain cement dry powder, lime stones and shales or their slurry, is burnt in a rotary kiln at a…
  9. A beam curved in plan is designed for
  10. In working stress design, permissible bond stress in the case of deformed bars is more than that in…
  11. The rock which is not calcareous, is:
  12. Sinking of an intermediate support of a continuous beam (i) Reduces the negative moment at support (ii)…
  13. According to IS: 4561978, the maximum reinforcement in a column is
  14. Segregation is responsible for
  15. Log Angles machine is used to test the aggregate for
  16. According to I.S. : 456, the number of grades of concrete mixes, is
  17. Hardening of cement occurs at
  18. The bulk density of aggregates, is generally expressed as
  19. Permissible compressive strength of M 200 concrete grade is
  20. Slump test is done for
  21. If the slump of a concrete mix is 60 mm, its workability is
  22. Bulking of sand is
  23. If aggregates completely pass through a sieve of size 75 mm and are retained on a sieve of size 60 mm,…
  24. High carbon content in the steel causes
  25. For a reinforced concrete section, the shape of shear stress diagram is
  26. The average permissible stress in bond for plain bars in tension is
  27. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  28. Pre-stress loss due to friction occurs
  29. While designing an air entrained concrete
  30. The percentage of voids in cement is approximately