In a spherical dome subjected to concentrated load at crown or uniformly distributed load, the meridional force is always

A. Zero

B. Tensile

C. Compressive

D. Tensile or compressive

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  1. The diameter of ties in a column should be
  2. If P, Y and Z are the weights of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates respectively and W/C…
  3. Construction joints are provided
  4. The strength of concrete after one year as compared to 28 days strength is about
  5. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
  6. An aggregate is said to be flaky, if its least dimension is less than
  7. Minimum thickness of load bearing RCC wall should be
  8. Maximum percentage reinforcement in case of slabs is limited to
  9. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. While performing preliminary test on concrete
  10. A concrete having a slump of 6.5 cm, is said to be
  11. Non-uniform compaction may cause the concrete
  12. For a slab supported on its four edges with corners held down and loaded uniformly, the Marcus correction…
  13. According to I.S. : 456, the number of grades of concrete mixes, is
  14. The commonly used material in the manufacture of cement is
  15. If the engineer-in-charge approves, the 10 cm cubes may be used for the work test of concrete provided…
  16. The main reason for providing number of reinforcing bars at a support in a simply supported beam is…
  17. Workability improved by adding
  18. After casting, an ordinary cement concrete on drying
  19. The load factors for live load and dead load are taken respectively as
  20. Construction joints are generally provided in concrete
  21. Permissible compressive strength of M 150 concrete grade is
  22. A higher modular ratio shows
  23. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  24. Cube strength of controlled concrete to be used for pre-tensioned and post-tensioned work respectively…
  25. Pick up the incorrect statement applicable to the field test of good cement.
  26. Vicat apparatus is used for
  27. According to Water-Cement Ratio Law, the strength of workable plastic concrete
  28. If a beam fails in bond, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by
  29. For the construction of cement concrete dams, the maximum permissible size of the aggregates, is
  30. Gypsum is added for