Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

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  1. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  2. The actual power generated in the engine cylinder is called
  3. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of
  4. The efficiency of the plant __________ with the mechanical draught.
  5. The shell of the Cochran boiler is made hemispherical
  6. A safety valve mainly used with locomotive and marine boilers is
  7. The function of a piston in a steam engine is
  8. The temperature of flue gases at air heater outlet should be
  9. Adiabatic process is
  10. For a Parson's reaction turbine, if α₁ and α₂ are fixed blade angles at inlet…
  11. The action of steam in a steam turbine is
  12. Efficiency of Rankine cycle can be increased by
  13. The relative heat absorption for successively added equal areas of boiler convection heating surfaces
  14. In order to obtain superheated steam, a superheater is added in an existing boiler. As as result, furnace…
  15. Efficiency of a thermal cycle increases by
  16. Steam exhaust from high pressure turbine is reheated in
  17. The process of draining steam from the turbine, at certain points during its expansion and using this…
  18. The pressure velocity compounded impulse turbine allows a bigger pressure drop and hence __________…
  19. In turbines, the fluid undergoes a continuous steady flow process and the speed of flow is
  20. The pressure of feed water has to be raised before its entry into the boiler. The pressure is raised…
  21. In an impulse turbine
  22. The draught in locomotive boilers is produced by a
  23. Presence of moisture in fuel oil would
  24. Thermal efficiency of well maintained boiler will be of the order
  25. In locomotives, the draught is produced by
  26. A throttle governed steam engine develops 15 kW with 280 kg per hour of steam and 35 kW with 520 kg…
  27. Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.
  28. The number of drums in Benson steam generator is
  29. The ratio of total useful heat drop to the total isentropic heat drop, is called
  30. If a steam sample is nearly in dry condition, then its dryness fraction can be most accurately determined…