Opportunity costs are also known as:

A. Spill-over costs

B. Money costs

C. Alternative costs

D. External costs

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  1. In monopolistic competition, because of difference in choices, the firm charges:
  2. The demand for cigarettes is price inelastic implying a unit tax on this commodity will
  3. Isocost line shows the combinations of labor and capital where a firms budget is:
  4. When sales tax is imposed on monopolist, its:
  5. The demand curve of giffen goods will be:
  6. The longer the period of time, the elasticity of supply will be:
  7. If the factors have to be employed in a fixed ratio, then the elasticity of substitution under Leontief…
  8. Which of the following is not a property of indifference curve?
  9. If as a result of a decrease in price, total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity increases, its price-elasticity…
  10. The optimal strategy for a player is termed as:
  11. Substitution effect means a consumer
  12. If Cobb-Douglas production function is homogeneous of degree greater than one (n>1), then it shows:
  13. The short-run periods in monopolistic competition are:
  14. The equilibrium of a firm is determined by the equality of MC and MR in only:
  15. A firm is a sum of persons who convert:
  16. Pure monopoly exists:
  17. The normal long-run average cost curve is influenced by the:
  18. Variable costs refer to:
  19. We can measure consumers surplus with the help of
  20. In cournot model firms:
  21. The cournot model is a model of:
  22. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two perfect substitutes will be:
  23. The main contribution of Alfred Marshal is in the field of:
  24. The production possibility curve (PPC) is concerned with:
  25. When a consumer is in equilibrium then slope of indifference curve is:
  26. The production function of homogeneous of degree one (n=1) is also called:
  27. The main objective of the firm is to:
  28. Indifference curves reflect:
  29. Each firm in cournot model starts selling:
  30. The firm is said to be in equilibrium when the difference between revenue and cost is: