Microeconomics is also known as:

A. Price theory

B. Demand theory

C. Supply theory

D. Income theory

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  1. By scarcity the economist means that all goods are scarce relative the peoples:
  2. In monopoly and perfect competition, TC curves are:
  3. The main contribution of Prof. Lord Keynes is in the field of:
  4. The basic and essential economic problems in a community are related to choice and:
  5. Opportunity costs are also known as:
  6. If the demand curve is vertical then its slope is:
  7. A demand curve which is horizontal and parallel to x-axis represents:
  8. All the firms with identical costs under perfect competition well, in the long-run, earn only:
  9. Under monopolistic competition, the products sold by the firms are:
  10. In monopolistic competition, the individual demand curve is also known as:
  11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a perfectly competitive market?
  12. If the demand curve is inelastic then:
  13. Which of the following formula determine the income elasticity of demand?:
  14. At a point above the middle of a straight line demand curve, elasticity of demand is:
  15. Elasticity (E) expressed by the term, 1>E>0, is:
  16. If the prices of goods rise then:
  17. If there are many producers, each of whom has an individual production possibility curve, then the lowest…
  18. Economics is a:
  19. Cournot equilibrium is attained where two reaction curves:
  20. Under competitive conditions, the industry will be in equilibrium:
  21. An income demand curve of an inferior good is:
  22. In the short-run, the competitive firm can maximize its profits (or minimize its losses) by:
  23. The demand curve of ostentation goods (Veblen goods) will be:
  24. Increasing returns imply:
  25. Loanable funds theory of Interest was developed by:
  26. In discriminating monopoly (price discrimination), the elasticity of demand of product in two markets…
  27. On the total utility curve the economically relevant range is the portion over which:
  28. In Revealed Preference Theory, a consumer reveals preference for bundle of:
  29. The external economies of scale experienced by a firm include the:
  30. Rotten eggs are: