Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______

A. Integrity

B. Availability

C. Confidentiality

D. Discretionary Security

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  1. If the closure of an attribute set is the entire relation then the attribute set is a
  2. _____ command can be used to modify a column in a table
  3. The collection of information stored in a database at a particular moment is called as ......
  4. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
  5. DROP is a statement in SQL.
  6. The drawback of shadow paging technique are
  7. The full form of GUI is _________
  8. The graphical representation of a query is .
  9. _______ product was acquired by Informix, integrated into its RDBMS and introduced as the Informix Universal…
  10. In multiple granularity of locks SIX lock is compatible with
  11. The transactions like adding an employee, enrolling a student in a course are examples of _______
  12. ______ keyword is used to find the number of values in a column.
  13. Which of the syntax is correct for insert statement? i) insert into values ii) insert into (column list)…
  14. The common column is eliminated in
  15. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  16. If two relations R and S are joined, then the non matching tuples of both R and S are ignored in
  17. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  18. A _____ is a logical unit of database processing that includes one or more data access operations that…
  19. As per equivalence rules for query transformation, selection operation distributes over
  20. ………………… approach reduces time and effort required for design…
  21. Key to represent relationship between tables is called
  22. Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
  23. Which of the following statement on the view concept in SQL is invalid?
  24. Whenever two independent one-to-many relationships are mixed in the same relation, a __________ arises.
  25. Which of the following is not a consequence of non-normalized database?
  26. If both the functional dependencies : XY and YX hold for two attributes X and Y then the relationship…
  27. The ______ language consists of SQL statements for operating on the data (insert, Modify, Delete) in…
  28. ______is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across…
  29. Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______
  30. Immediate database modification technique uses