Routing in production, planning & control is concerned with the

A. Sequence of operation to be performed

B. Progress of work performed

C. Authorisation of work to be performed

D. Balancing of load on machines

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  1. Stainless steel is welded using
  2. Load cells used for the measurement of weight has
  3. The most suitable material for die casting is
  4. Oxygen cylinders used for autogenous (cutting/welding) purposes are
  5. The minimum carbon content in steel should be __________ percent for it to respond to a hardening treatment.
  6. The dew point temperature lines on psychrometric charts are straight inclined sloping downwards to the…
  7. 'Amortization' in respect of financial obligation of a company means the
  8. Evaporative cooling process employs a combination of cooling and humidification in which the
  9. Solidification time of a molten metal in a casting is proportional to (where, V = volume of metal &…
  10. In the formation of cermets, the ratio of ceramic material to metallic material is usually 80:20. Which…
  11. Quartz is a __________ material.
  12. Dew point temperature always gives an indication of the __________ of the moist air.
  13. A polymer is termed as an 'elastomer', if its percentage elongation is more than 100%. An elastomer…
  14. Secondary hardening in steels arises out of the
  15. __________ of austenite decreases the hardenability in steel.
  16. Surface tension of a liquid
  17. Nusselt number is related to the Reynolds number (Re) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively as
  18. Maximum permissible air velocity in pipelines is about __________ metre/second.
  19. Projection welding & stud welding is categorised as the __________ welding.
  20. 'Flare tower' used in industry is meant for
  21. The kinematic viscosity (in stoke) and the absolute/dynamic viscosity (in poise) are the same for __________…
  22. Tumbling is the process of improving the __________ of the materials/parts.
  23. For a spontaneous natural process at constant temperature and pressure, the free energy of the system…
  24. Which of the following is preferred for riveting?
  25. Cupola produces __________ iron.
  26. While the bin cards are used in the effective stores management, the queuing theory is associated with…
  27. When dry bulb temperature & wet bulb temperature of moist air is the same, it means that the
  28. M10 index of coke indicates its
  29. A pycnometer is used for the measurement of
  30. When the wet steam is throttled but still remains wet at the exit of the throttle valve, then its temperature…