The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called

A. Margin

B. Pitch

C. Back pitch

D. Diagonal pitch

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  1. Three different weights fall from a certain height under vacuum. They will take
  2. According to I.B.R., when the thickness of the boiler shell (t) is less than 8 mm, then the diameter…
  3. A coupling used to connect two perfectly aligned shafts, is
  4. The gears are termed as medium velocity gears, if their peripheral velocity is
  5. Endurance limit or fatigue limit is the maximum stress that a member can withstand for an infinite number…
  6. A column of length l is fixed at both ends. The equivalent length of the column is
  7. The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called
  8. A double fillet welded joint with parallel fillet weld of length l and leg s is subjected to a tensile…
  9. The width of the pulley should be __________ width of the belt.
  10. The design of the pressure vessel is based on
  11. In worm gears, the angle between the tangent to the pitch helix and an element of the cylinder, is known…
  12. A feather key is generally
  13. A locking device in which the bottom cylindrical portion is recessed to receive the tip of the locking…
  14. If a load W is applied instantaneously on a bar; Then the stress induced in bar will
  15. Factor of safety for fatigue loading is the ratio of
  16. In static loading, stress concentration is more serious in
  17. The draw of cotter need not exceed
  18. According to Rankine's theory, the failure occurs at a point in a member
  19. In order to permit the thermal expansion/contraction of tubing, it should be
  20. The creep in the belt is due to
  21. In a flat belt drive, if the slip between the driver and belt is 1 %, between the belt and follower…
  22. The minimum number of teeth on the pinion which will mesh with any gear without interference for 20°…
  23. The crest diameter of a screw thread is same as
  24. In a horizontal flat belt drive, it is customary to use
  25. The suitable material for belt used in flour mill is
  26. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  27. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts
  28. An Involute pinion and gear are in mesh. If both have the same size of addendum, then there will be…
  29. The material commonly used for machine tool bodies is
  30. Which of the following screw thread is used for power transmission in one direction only?