The difference between average total cost and average fixed cost shows:

A. Normal profits

B. Implicit costs

C. Variable costs

D. Opportunity costs

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  1. A demand schedule is shown as:
  2. Most of the supply curves with which the average consumer deals are:
  3. The number of firms in monopolistic competition normally range between:
  4. The demand curve of giffen goods will be:
  5. A monopolist has control over the price he charges for his product. He will be able to maximize his…
  6. A monopolist:
  7. In Bertrand model, the entry of new firms is:
  8. The slope of marshallian demand curve is:
  9. The ordinary demand curve is also called:
  10. Which of the following is not a U shaped curve:
  11. Marginal cost curve cuts the average cost curve:
  12. If a consumer buys a product that costs Rs.3 and provides an additional 18 units of satisfaction, then…
  13. In the range of excess capacity, the average costs are:
  14. In Nash equilibrium, a player:
  15. The effects according to which people use those goods which are concerned with distinctive standard…
  16. The income effect means that consumer purchase more when:
  17. In short run:
  18. If the price of a product falls which of the following would occur?
  19. Under monopolistic competition, the products sold by the firms are:
  20. A maximin strategy:
  21. The price under perfect competition is settled by:
  22. In perfectly competitive markets, the profit maximization rule can be represented by:
  23. A demand curve is not related to:
  24. The goods sold by firms under monopolistic competition are technological as well as:
  25. Variable cost includes the cost of:
  26. Traditionally, the study of determination of price is called:
  27. In cournot model, firms make decisions separately regarding:
  28. The situation of single buyer and single seller is called:
  29. Regarding economic decisions, economics of uncertainty identifies:
  30. Gold is bought and sold in a: