The isoquant approach is based upon:

A. One output

B. One input

C. Two outputs

D. Two inputs

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  1. In 1890, Principles of Economics was written by:
  2. One common definition of a luxury good is a good with income elasticity:
  3. The costs faced by the firm against variable factors are:
  4. The necessary condition of firms equilibrium requires:
  5. Law of Substitution in production was presented by:
  6. The situation in between the extremes of the govt. controlled, planned economy and the perfectly free,…
  7. The reaction curve of a firm is attained by joining the:
  8. Consumer surplus is the difference between
  9. The utility function u = f(x) is based upon :
  10. In context of oligopoly, the kinky demand curve (kinked demand curve) hypothesis is designed to explain:
  11. The short run cost curve is U shaped because of:
  12. Moving down along a linear demand curve:
  13. At low prices, demand is likely to be:
  14. AR curve under perfect competition:
  15. The total utility is gained by consuming:
  16. Increasing returns imply:
  17. The demand curve slopes downwards due to:
  18. The average fixed cost (AFC) curve is asymptote to:
  19. If two households have identical preferences but different incomes then:
  20. In case of short-run, the supply curve of an industry is the horizontal summation of:
  21. A profit-maximizing monopolist in two separate markets will:
  22. The indifference curve technique:
  23. The short-run periods in monopolistic competition are:
  24. If the price of a product falls then quantity demanded tends to increase ceteris paribus because:
  25. According to critics, the assumption of costless production is:
  26. Price discrimination is undertaken with the aim of:
  27. Traditionally, the study of determination of price is called:
  28. Indifference curves are downward sloping and are drawn bowed toward the origin (convex to the origin)…
  29. The pay-off matrix shows:
  30. If the commodity is normal then price effect is: