The method of grinding used to produce a straight or tapered surface on a workpiece, is

A. Internal cylindrical grinding

B. Form grinding

C. External cylindrical grinding

D. Surface grinding

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  1. When the end of a tap is tapered for about three or four threads, it is known as a
  2. The primary purpose of a sprue in a casting mould is to
  3. A broach has
  4. A fixture is defined as a device which
  5. In orthogonal turning of a low carbon steel bar of diameter 150 mm with uncoated carbide tool, the cutting…
  6. Surface grinding is done to produce
  7. In a shaper
  8. The chuck used for setting up of heavy and irregular shaped work should be
  9. The guideways are of
  10. The relation between the tool life (T) in minutes and cutting speed (V) in m/min is (where n = An exponent,…
  11. A drill bit of 20 mm diameter rotating at 500 r.p.m. with a feed rate of 0.2 mm/revolution is used to…
  12. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  13. The factor which affects the tool life is
  14. A twist drill is specified by its
  15. The broaching operation in which either the work or the tool moves across the other, is known as
  16. Any number of equal divisions can be obtained on milling machine by
  17. The lead screw of a lathe has _________ threads.
  18. In up-cut milling the work piece is fed
  19. Larger end cutting edge angle _________ tool life.
  20. In which of the following machine, the work remains stationary and the tool is rotated?
  21. In a CNC program block, N002 GO2 G91 X40 Z40......, GO2 and G91 refer to
  22. The cutting speed is minimum while machining _________ with a high speed steel tool.
  23. The average cutting speed for turning mild steel with a high speed steel tool is
  24. The process of improving the cutting action of the grinding wheel is called
  25. Twist drills are made of
  26. In centre less grinders, the maximum angular adjustment of the regulating wheel is
  27. Continuous chips with built up edge are formed during machining of
  28. The enlarging of an existing circular hole with a rotating single point tool is called
  29. What is the type of welding defect caused due to shrinkage during solidification and by weld stresses…
  30. The helix angle of a drill is __________ for drilling brass.