The steam leaves the nozzle at a

A. High pressure and a low velocity

B. High pressure and a high velocity

C. Low pressure and a low velocity

D. Low pressure and a high velocity

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  1. A device used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls…
  2. The diameter of cylindrical shell of the Lancashire boiler is of the order of
  3. The amount of water evaporated in kg per kg of fuel burnt is called
  4. The purpose of governing in steam turbines is to
  5. Pulverised fuel is used for
  6. Willians line for the steam engine is a straight line relationship between the steam consumption per…
  7. The shell diameter of a Locomotive boiler is
  8. Locomotive type' boiler is
  9. Hard coke is used in
  10. The supersaturated flow of steam through a nozzle as compared to a stable flow, the available heat drop
  11. Cut-off ratio is the ratio of
  12. The efficiency of a pressure-velocity compounded impulse turbine is __________ as compared to pressure…
  13. Which of the following statement is correct for a compound steam engine?
  14. In designing air preheaters, the important design consideration is that
  15. The safety valve on boiler drum compared to safety valve on superheater is set at
  16. In reaction turbines, the axial thrust is due to
  17. The pressure of steam __________ while flowing through a nozzle.
  18. The ultimate analysis of fuel lists
  19. Parson's reaction turbine is a __________ reaction turbine.
  20. A condenser in a steam power plant
  21. Lancashire boiler is used where working pressure and power required are
  22. The diameter of internal flue tubes in a Lancashire boiler compared to its shell is
  23. The bituminous coal is no caking if its carbon content is
  24. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the chimney is called
  25. The pressure compounded impulse turbine as compared to velocity compounded turbine require __________…
  26. The function of a piston in a steam engine is
  27. Which is not correct statement about the function of furnace?
  28. Steam engine operates on
  29. The function of a flywheel is
  30. Thermal efficiency of a thermal power plant is of the order of