The value of stress concentration factor depends upon

A. Material and geometry of the part

B. Geometry of the part

C. Material of the part

D. None of these

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  2. For a shaft diameter of 200 mm, the number of bolts in a marine flange coupling should be
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  4. When the belt speed increases
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  12. In cylindrical cams, the follower moves
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  17. A coupling used to connect two perfectly aligned shafts, is
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  19. In a gear, having Involute teeth, the normal to the Involute is a tangent to the
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  21. Which is positive drive?
  22. Allen bolts are
  23. When screw threads are to be used in a situation where power is being transmitted in one direction only,…
  24. The backlash for spur gears depends upon
  25. A taper key which fits half in the key way of the hub and half in the key way of shaft, is known as
  26. The maximum bending stress in a curved beam having symmetrical section always occur at the
  27. The design of pin of a rocker arm of an I.C. engine is based on
  28. Resistance to fatigue of a material is measured by
  29. Which of the following formula is used in designing a connecting rod?
  30. The permissible stress in the fillet weld is 100 N/mm². The fillet weld has equal leg lengths of…