Which of the following is a fire tube boiler?

A. Locomotive boiler

B. Babcock and Wilcox boiler

C. Stirling boiler

D. All of the above

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  1. In a De-Laval nozzle expanding superheated steam from 10 bar to 0.1 bar, the pressure at the minimum…
  2. A device used in a boiler to control the flow of steam from the boiler to the main pipe and to shut…
  3. Reheating of steam under ideal conditions takes place at constant
  4. The stage efficiency (ηS) is given by (where ηB = Blading efficiency, and ηN = Nozzle…
  5. In water tube boilers
  6. In an ideal impulse turbine, the
  7. The density of supersaturated steam is about __________ that of the ordinary saturated vapour at the…
  8. The pressure of steam __________ while flowing through a nozzle.
  9. Pulverised fuel is used for
  10. Pick up the wrong statement about critical condition of steam
  11. In natural circulation type boiler,
  12. The missing quantity per stroke is equal to
  13. Which device is used in thermal power plants to reduce level of pollution?
  14. The clearance in the engine cylinder
  15. Which of the following is a fire tube boiler?
  16. Duplex feed pumps are used in small steam boilers. These operate on the principle of
  17. Water and sediment in fuel oil can be removed by
  18. An air preheater is installed
  19. A safety valve mainly used with locomotive and marine boilers is
  20. In cross compounding, the cylinders are arranged
  21. Efficiency of a thermal cycle increases by
  22. Lancashire boiler has __________ internal flue tubes.
  23. Efficiency of Rankine cycle can be increased by
  24. The difference of supersaturated temperature and saturation temperature at that pressure is called
  25. In reaction turbines, the axial thrust is due to
  26. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a receiver type compound engine are regarded as having…
  27. The working pressure range for a LaMont boiler is
  28. An economiser _________ the steam raising capacity of a boiler.
  29. The fittings mounted on the boiler for its proper and safe functioning is a
  30. A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders ' are attached…