Whish of the following represents the average revenue curve of a firm?

A. The curve representing the cost per unit of output

B. The demand curve of consumers for the firms product

C. Total receipts realized by the firm

D. All of the above

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  1. According to Leontief technology, there:
  2. If the demand for good is more elastic and government levied a tax per unit of output, the price per…
  3. Which of the following has more elastic demand curve?
  4. Variable cost includes the cost of:
  5. The cost of one thing in terms of the alternative given up is known as:
  6. Income-elasticity of demand is expressed as:
  7. The imaginary differentiation is attributed to difference in:
  8. The indirect utility function is a homogeneous function of:
  9. If the increase in demand is more than the increase in supply, the price will:
  10. The costs faced by the firm against fixed factors are:
  11. A monopolist is able to maximize his profit when:
  12. Under monopolistic competition, in long-run there is:
  13. Marginal Utility (MU) curve is always:
  14. When the consumer is in equilibrium not only his income is fully spent, but the ratio of marginal utility…
  15. Production indifference curve (isoquant) is a curve which shows:
  16. The substitution effect works to encourage a consumer to purchase more of a product when the price of…
  17. When AC curve falls, MC curve falls:
  18. In centralized cartel, the firms are like:
  19. The standard form of demand function is:
  20. Kinked Demand Curve is consistent with which one of the following market situations?
  21. The average cost curve is a geometrical illustration of:
  22. In case of monopoly, the slope of MR is:
  23. On a straight line demand curve, elasticity of demand at the midpoint is:
  24. The price consumption curve (PCC) for commodity X is the locus of points of consumer equilibrium resulting…
  25. The nominal income of a consumer is income in terms of:
  26. A loss bearing firm will continue to produce in the short run so long as the price at least covers:
  27. Each firm in cournot model assumes that its competitor will:
  28. Who is the author of Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries?
  29. In modern cost theory, AVC= b1 and MC= b1 in the range of:
  30. A firms profit is equal to: