At triple point (for one component system), vapour pressure of solid as compared to that of liquid will be

A. More

B. Less

C. Same

D. More or less; depending on the system

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  1. Free energy changes for two reaction mechanism 'X' and 'Y are respectively - 15 and - 5 units. It implies…
  2. Free energy change at equilibrium is
  3. Which of the following is affected by the temperature?
  4. Which of the following is an undesirable characteristic of a refrigerant?
  5. Gibbs free energy (F) is defined as
  6. A gas mixture of three components is brought in contact with a dispersion of an organic phase in water.…
  7. For an ideal liquid solution, which of the following is unity?
  8. PVy = constant, holds good for an isentropic process, which is
  9. Which is not constant for an ideal gas?
  10. Heat of formation of an element in its standard state is
  11. Which of the following behaves most closely like an ideal gas?
  12. The temperature at the eutectic point of the system is the __________ temperature that can be attained…
  13. The value of gas constant 'R' is
  14. Internal energy of an element at 1 atm and 25° C is __________ kcal/kg.mole.
  15. In Joule-Thomson porous plug experiment, the
  16. For an ideal gas, the activity co-efficient is
  17. The equation Tds = dE - PdV applies to
  18. For an ideal solution, the value of activity co-efficient is
  19. Which of the following is Virial equation of state?
  20. Internal energy change of a system over one complete cycle in a cyclic process is
  21. Pick out the wrong statement.
  22. When liquid and vapour phases of one component system are in equilibrium (at a given temperature and…
  23. The total change in the enthalpy of a system is independent of the
  24. __________ law of thermodynamics ascertains the direction of a particular spontaneous process.
  25. Kopp's rule is used to calculate the heat capacity of
  26. The change in __________ is equal to the reversible work for compression in steady state flow process…
  27. Entropy is a measure of the __________ of a system.
  28. When dilute aqueous solutions of two salts are mixed, the process is associated with
  29. Entropy is a/an
  30. The expression, ΔG = nRT. ln(P2/P1), gives the free energy change