If the flow of air through the compressor is parallel to its axis, then the compressor is

A. Reciprocating compressor

B. Centrifugal compressor

C. Axial flow compressor

D. Turbo compressor

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  1. In jet propulsion power unit, the inlet duct of diverging shape is used in order to
  2. In an axial flow compressor, the ratio of pressure in the rotor blades to the pressure rise in the compressor…
  3. For perfect intercooling in a three stage compressor
  4. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  5. The air entry velocity m a rocket as compared to aircraft is
  6. The degree of reaction of an axial flow turbine is the ratio of isentropic temperature drop in a blade…
  7. A closed cycle gas turbine gives ________ efficiency as compared to an open cycle gas turbine.
  8. Gas turbine as compared to steam turbine
  9. Which of the following fuels can be used in turbojet engines?
  10. The maximum propulsion efficiency of a turbojet is attained at around following speed
  11. The area of actual indicator diagram on an air compressor as compared to area of ideal indicator diagram…
  12. The mass of gas turbine per kW developed is about ________ as that of an I.C. engine.
  13. Producer gas is produced by
  14. In open cycle turbojet engines used in military aircraft, reheating the exhaust gas from the turbine…
  15. The effective power of gas turbines is increased by adding the following in compressor
  16. Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using
  17. Reheating in multistage expansion gas turbine results in
  18. Turbofan engine employs
  19. Pick up the correct statement
  20. The ratio of the net work obtained from the gas turbine plant to the turbine work is known as
  21. For minimum work in multistage compression, assuming same index of compression in all stages
  22. The compressor performance at higher altitude compared to sea level will be
  23. High air-fuel ratio in gas turbines
  24. A rocket engine for the combustion of its fuel
  25. The net work input required for compressor with increase in clearance volume
  26. The maximum temperature in a gas turbine is
  27. In a turbo jet engine, subsequent to heat addition to compressed air, to get the power output, the working…
  28. The volume of air delivered by the compressor is called
  29. In a centrifugal compressor, the flow of air is ________ to the axis of compressor.
  30. The closed cycle in gas turbines