In involute gears, the pressure angle is

A. Dependent on the size of teeth

B. Dependent on the size of gears

C. Always constant

D. Always variable

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  1. In a Hartnell governor, the compression of the spring is __________ the lift of the sleeve.
  2. 3.The retardation of a flat faced follower when it has contact at the apex of the nose of a circular…
  3. A chain comprises of 5 links having 5 joints. Is it kinematic chain?
  4. A shaft carrying two rotors at its ends will have
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  6. The amplitude of vibration is always __________ the radius of the circle.
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  8. A single degree of freedom system is given by, m × (d²x/dt²) + c × (dx/dt) + sx…
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  10. For simple harmonic motion of the of follower, a cosine curve represents
  11. In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set…
  12. The D-slide valve is also known as
  13. Which of the following disciplines provides study of the relative motion between the parts of a machine…
  14. The maximum fluctuation of speed is the
  15. The acceleration of the reciprocating roller follower when it has contact with the straight flanks of…
  16. The velocity of the belt for maximum power is (where m = Mass of the belt in kg per metre length)
  17. In S.H.M., acceleration is proportional to
  18. The velocity of the reciprocating roller follower when it has contact with the straight flanks of the…
  19. Under logarithmic decrement, the amplitude of successive vibrations are
  20. The pitching of a ship produces forces on the bearings which act __________ to the motion of the ship.
  21. The static friction
  22. Typewriter constitutes
  23. When two pulleys of different diameters are connected by means of an open belt, the angle of contact…
  24. Crowning on pulleys helps
  25. The lower pairs are __________ pairs.
  26. Scotch yoke mechanism is used to generate
  27. A reed type tachometer use the principle of
  28. In a kinematic chain, a quaternary joint is equivalent to
  29. Higher pairs are those which have
  30. When the crank is at the inner dead centre, in a reciprocating steam engine, then the acceleration of…