Moist climate is the most favourable factor in the site selection far a

A. Steel plant

B. Textile factory

C. Petroleum refinery

D. Coke oven battery

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  1. The most important requirement for aluminium industry is the availability of cheap
  2. In case of water (Prandtl number ≈ 6) flowing over a flat plate heated over the entire length,…
  3. Hollow shafts can be made as strong as solid shafts by making the twisting moments of both the shafts…
  4. In Imperial Smelting Process for extraction of zinc, zinc vapour thus produced is quenched in the external…
  5. Lap joints are preferred over butt joints in soldering/brazing, because these joints are
  6. If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the
  7. With increase in __________ Knocking tendency in a spark ignition petrol engine decreases.
  8. Which of the following is preferred for riveting?
  9. The malleability of a material is the property by virtue of which it can be rolled or hammered into…
  10. Normalising of a casting does not
  11. Viscoelastic behaviour is observed in __________ materials.
  12. Which of the following is prone to cup and cone fracture?
  13. Hydro-cyclone is a
  14. Pick out the wrong statement.
  15. Addition of silicon to cast iron
  16. An example of unsteady non uniform flow is the flow of liquid under pressure through a
  17. In electrical resistance welding, distortion results from the use of improper
  18. Shaft/rotor speed is most accurately measured by a
  19. In the acid Bessemer process, the hot metal should have the following composition.
  20. Temper brittleness of a material can be fairly detected by the __________ test.
  21. In TIG welding, thoriated tungsten electrodes are used, because it
  22. Water flow in the river during flood can be categorised as the __________ flow.
  23. Pick out the correct statement about the condensation.
  24. Which of the following metals is the most prone to work hardening?
  25. Out of the following, the lowest packing of atoms exists in __________ crystal lattice structure.
  26. The atmospheric temperature during melting of ice/snow (in the atmosphere)
  27. Pick out the wrong statement
  28. The escape velocity of a body on earth which is independent of its mass is about __________ km/second.
  29. Which of the following performance characteristics of a S.I engine is not affected by the front end…
  30. Dislocations are __________ defects.