A gas which is collected over water becomes moistened due to water vapor, exerts its own partial pressure at the gas temperature, which is termed as its

A. Aqueous tension

B. Saturated humidity

C. Vapor pressure

D. Absolute humidity

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  1. Optical activity is a/an __________ property.
  2. Maximum change in the hardness of martensite occurs in the carbon content range of __________ percent…
  3. Pick out the correct combination about the role of various additives used in polymers.
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  5. LVDT used for displacement measurement is a/an __________ transducer.
  6. The majority charge carriers in p-type silicon are
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  8. Which of the following is an example of cathodic protection of metals against corrosion?
  9. An abrupt and sudden fall in the reading of barometer is an indication of the
  10. Fog is an example of colloidal system of
  11. Fibrous fracture is normally encountered in the __________ materials.
  12. In the diving apparatus, helium is used along with oxygen, because it is
  13. Force between the molecules of the same substance is called __________ force.
  14. On oscilloscope screen for dynamic measurement, lissajous diagram is normally used to determine the…
  15. Heat transfer to the water wall in a high pressure water wall type boiler furnace is mainly by
  16. When an isolated thermodynamic system executes a process,
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  18. Maraging steels derive their strength from the following mechanism:
  19. Chlorine acts as a bleaching agent only in the presence of
  20. Oxygen cylinders used for autogenous (cutting/welding) purposes are
  21. Which of the following properties of a solid is not dependent on crystal imperfection?
  22. Stresses encountered in the metal forming processes are less than the __________ of the material.
  23. Name the safety device used to protect the boiler, when the water level falls below a minimum level.
  24. Shampoos are commercially not available in the form of
  25. The Al2O3 content of cryolite in Hall- Heroult cell is maintained between __________ percent.
  26. Case hardening of a material is
  27. Which of the following is prone to cup and cone fracture?
  28. In case of brasses, with decreasing zinc percentage and increasing copper percentage, its __________…
  29. Which of the following varies as the square root of oil pressure during atomisation of fuel oil through…
  30. Heating of ferromagnetic materials to a temperature above Curie temperature makes it