The hyperbolic process is governed by

A. Boyle's law

B. Charles' law

C. Gay-Lussac law

D. Avogadro's law

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  1. For a simply supported beam of length l, when a concentrated load W is applied in the centre of the…
  2. The efficiency of Ericsson cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  3. The unit of Young's modulus is
  4. The ideal efficiency of a Brayton cycle with regeneration, with increase in pressure ratio will
  5. The shear force diagram of a cantilever beam of length l and carrying a uniformly distributed load of…
  6. The moment of resistance of a balanced reinforced concrete beam is based on the stresses in
  7. The ratio of molar specific heats for mono-atomic gas is
  8. The ratio of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) and specific heat at constant volume (cv) is
  9. A cycle consisting of __________ and two isothermal processes is known as Stirling cycle.
  10. The sum of internal energy (U) and the product of pressure and volume (p.v) is known as
  11. Which of the following is an intensive property of a thermodynamic system?
  12. All perfect gases change in volume by 1/273th of its original volume at 0°C for every 1°C change…
  13. The columns whose slenderness ratio is less than 80, are known as
  14. According to Kelvin-Planck's statement of second law of thermodynamics,
  15. When a body is subjected to a direct tensile stress (σx) in one plane accompanied by a simple shear…
  16. An open system is one in which
  17. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another. This…
  18. The heat absorbed or rejected by the working substance is given by (where ds = Increase or decrease…
  19. The heat flows from a cold body to a hot body with the aid of an external source. This statement is…
  20. Euler's formula holds good only for
  21. The behaviour of super-heated vapour is similar to that of
  22. The relation between equivalent length (L) and actual length (l) of a column for both ends fixed is
  23. For the same maximum pressure and temperature,
  24. The total energy of a molecule is shared equally by the various degrees of freedom possessed by it.…
  25. Elasticity of Mild Steel specimen is defined by
  26. Otto cycle consists of
  27. The kinetic energy per kg molecule of any gas at absolute temperature T is equal to (where Ru = Universal…
  28. For the constant pressure and heat input, the air standard efficiency of gas power cycle is in the order
  29. A body is subjected to a tensile stress of 1200 MPa on one plane and another tensile stress of 600 MPa…
  30. A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other is called