The Klein's diagram is useful to find

A. Displacement of various parts

B. Velocity of various parts

C. Acceleration of various parts

D. Angular acceleration of various parts

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  1. Two systems shall be dynamically equivalent when
  2. The brake commonly used in railway trains is
  3. In a flat collar pivot bearing, the moment due to friction is proportional to
  4. In involute gears, the pressure angle is
  5. The maximum or minimum value of the swaying couple is
  6. The partial balancing of reciprocating parts in locomotives produces
  7. The tractive force in a locomotive with two cylinders is given by (where c = Fraction of reciprocating…
  8. For dynamic balancing of a shaft
  9. Effort of a governor is the
  10. A circle passing through the pitch point with its center at the center of cam axis is known as
  11. Instantaneous center of rotation of a link in a four bar mechanism lies on
  12. The indicator using Watt mechanism is known as
  13. The equation of motion for a vibrating system with viscous damping is (d²x/dt²) + (c/m).(dx/dt)…
  14. The working depth of a gear is the radial distance from the
  15. A combination of kinematic pairs, joined in such a way that the relative motion between the links is…
  16. The equation of motion for a vibrating system with viscous damping is (d²x/dt²) + (c/m). (dx/dt)…
  17. The cam follower generally used in automobile engines is
  18. Any point on a link connecting double slider crank chain will trace a
  19. The critical speed of a shaft in revolution per second is __________ as that of natural frequency of…
  20. The ratio of maximum fluctuation of energy to the workdone per cycle is called
  21. Module of a gear is
  22. In Meyer's expansion valve, the expansion valve is driven by an eccentric having an angle of advance…
  23. In a band and block brake, the ratio of tensions on tight side and slack side of the band is (where…
  24. The example of rolling pair is
  25. The type of gears used to connect two non parallel and non intersecting shafts is
  26. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. The mechanism…
  27. A foot step bearing and rotor of a vertical turbine form examples of
  28. In a single slider crank chain
  29. Which of the following property of the instantaneous centre is correct?
  30. When the nature of contact between the elements of a pair is such that it can only slide relative to…