The longer the period of time, the elasticity of supply will be:

A. Constant

B. Less elastic

C. More elastic

D. Perfectly elastic

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  1. Technological Progress (Invention) can be defined as:
  2. An indifference curve normally slopes downward from:
  3. The standard form of demand function is:
  4. If a firm is producing output at a point where diminishing returns have set in, this means that:
  5. MC curve is:
  6. Who wrote An Introduction to Positive Economics?
  7. In case of perfect competition, TR curve rises at a:
  8. In substitution effect and income effect:
  9. In case of giffin good, price effect is:
  10. The situation in between the extremes of the govt. controlled, planned economy and the perfectly free,…
  11. The budget constraint can be written as:
  12. Short run cost curves are influenced by:
  13. Marginal cost is found with the help of changes in:
  14. Microeconomics deals with the:
  15. If the commodity is normal then the Income Effect (I.E) and the Substitution Effect (S.E):
  16. If the commodities X and Y are perfect substitutes then:
  17. If a ten percent increase in price causes a ten percent reduction in quantity demanded, elasticity of…
  18. Firms average and marginal revenues are equal under:
  19. Rotten eggs are:
  20. The income effect means that consumer purchase more when:
  21. The main contribution of Prof. R.G.D.Allen is in the field of:
  22. If the marginal utility is divided by the price of the commodity then it is called:
  23. With the decrease in marginal valuation of a specific commodity, the price offered by the people:
  24. When SAC curve rises, SMC curve lies its:
  25. The law of demand is most directly a result of:
  26. In case of monopoly, both AR and MR fall, but MR falls:
  27. Nash equilibrium says:
  28. The income consumption curve (ICC) is the locus of points of consumer equilibrium resulting:
  29. In substitution effect, we:
  30. Necessary condition for consumer equilibrium is: