The process, which causes the air to enter the impeller blades of a centrifugal compressor at ________ velocity (without effecting the mass of air to flow and velocity of flow) is known as prewhirl.

A. Reduced

B. Increased

C. Zero

D. None of these

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  1. Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not practicable because
  2. Isothermal compression efficiency can be attained by running the compressor
  3. In air breathing jet engine, the jet is formed by expanding
  4. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  5. Reheating in a multistage expansion gas turbine __________ compressor work.
  6. Standard air is the air at
  7. Ratio of compression is the ratio of
  8. For slow speed large capacity compressor, following type of valve will be best suited
  9. The thermodynamic efficiency of rotary compressor is based on
  10. Maximum temperature in a gas turbine is of the order of
  11. Which of the following plants is smallest and lightest for generating a given amount of power?
  12. Intercooling in gas turbines
  13. During peak load periods, the best method of controlling compressors is
  14. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  15. There is a certain pressure ratio (optimum) for a gas turbine at which its thermal efficiency is maximum.…
  16. As the turbine inlet temperature increases, the thermal efficiency of gas turbine for the optimum pressure…
  17. The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are
  18. The ideal efficiency of simple gas turbine cycle depends on
  19. Surging is the phenomenon of
  20. Inter-cooling in gas turbine results in
  21. The ratio of isentropic work to Eulers work is known as
  22. A compressor mostly used for supercharging of I.C. engines is
  23. Temperature of gases at end of compression as compared to exhaust gases in a gas turbine is
  24. Gas turbines use following type of air compressor
  25. Volumetric efficiency is
  26. Gas turbine blades are given a rake
  27. It is not possible to use closed gas turbine cycle in aeronautical engines because
  28. Actual compression curve is
  29. Gas turbine as compared to internal combustion engine
  30. The compressor capacity is defined as the