The product out from a cupola is called

A. Wrought iron

B. Pig iron

C. Cast iron

D. None of these

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  1. Which of the following heat treatment processes is usually applied to castings?
  2. Which of the following phenomenon will exhibit the minimum heat transfer?
  3. An example of unsteady non uniform flow is the flow of liquid under pressure through a
  4. Which of the following test is used for distinguishing among dry oils, semi-drying oils and non drying…
  5. Pick out the wrong statement.
  6. Work study deals with the __________ study.
  7. Fog is an example of colloidal system of
  8. When dry bulb temperature & wet bulb temperature of moist air is the same, it means that the
  9. The phenomenon occurring during explosion of a hydrogen bomb is
  10. Which of the following is a boiler accessory i.e., not a boiler mounting?
  11. When the wavelength of incident X-rays increases, the angle of diffraction
  12. Which of the following low melting alloy containing bismuth and lead is used for electric fuse?
  13. Multistage compression of air as compared to single stage compression offers the advantage of
  14. For preparation of porous bearings by powder metallurgy, preferred particle shape is
  15. As the fluid flow rate increases, the float of the Rotameter
  16. Out of the following substances, one ton of __________ will store the maximum heat for a rise of 30°C…
  17. The most abundant metal present in the earth's crust is;
  18. Which of the following are made out of the carbon steel having carbon content of 0.9 to 1%?
  19. The minimum carbon content in steel should be __________ percent for it to respond to a hardening treatment.
  20. During sensible cooling of air, its wet bulb temperature
  21. Silicon percentage in silicon steel used for electrical equipments is about
  22. Heating the Hypo-eutectoid steels to 30°C above the upper critical temperature line, soaking at…
  23. Co-efficient of performance of a Carnot cycle refrigerator operating between - 23°C and + 27°C…
  24. Which of the following is an ore dressing operation?
  25. Pearlite comprises of
  26. Glycerine is used as a coolant in cooling of some engines instead of water, because
  27. Which of the following is the correct nature of shear stress distribution along the cross section in…
  28. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all directions.
  29. Identify the correct statement.
  30. Which of the following is the most suitable material of construction for the condenser tubes, where…