The type of tool used on milling machine and broaching machine is

A. Single point cutting tool

B. Two point cutting tool

C. Three point cutting tool

D. Multipoint cutting tool

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  1. The lip angle of a single point tool is usually
  2. The tool life in case of a grinding wheel is the time
  3. The tool made of cemented carbide wear out faster at
  4. A hole is of dimension φ = 9 ₊0⁺⁰⁰¹⁵ mm. The corresponding…
  5. A diamond locating pin is used in jigs and fixtures because
  6. The trade name of a nonferrous cast alloy composed of cobalt, chromium and tungsten is called
  7. Which of the following arc welding processes does not use consumable electrodes?
  8. In metal cutting operations, the shear angle is the angle made by the shear plane with the
  9. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
  10. During the execution of a CNC part program block NO20 GO2 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 ; the type of tool motion…
  11. It is required to cut screw threads of 2 mm pitch on a lathe. The lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm. If…
  12. The cutting fluid mostly used for machining steel is
  13. The hardness of a grinding wheel is determined by the
  14. What is the type of joining process called, where the parts to be welded are kept in contact and rotated…
  15. The grinding wheel speed (surface speed in m/min) usually varies from
  16. Match the items of List-I (Equipment) with the items of List-II (Process) and select the correct answer…
  17. An open structure of a grinding wheel is used for
  18. The broaching operation in which either the work or the tool moves across the other, is known as
  19. In a plain milling cutter, the chip space between the back of one tooth and the face of the next tooth…
  20. In drilling operation, the metal is removed by
  21. In drilling Bakelite and fibrous plastics, the point angle of a drill is
  22. What type of fusion welding process is used for welding sheet metals of all engineering metals (except…
  23. In electro-discharge machining, dielectric is used to
  24. The hardness of a grinding wheel is specified by
  25. Larger than 15° side cutting edge angle
  26. Crack in grinding wheel is developed due to
  27. Allowance in limits and fits refers to
  28. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of high tensile strength is
  29. The process of removing metal by a cutter which is rotated in the same direction of travel of workpiece,…
  30. Hardness of steel greatly improves with