Which of the following disciplines provides study of relative motion between the parts of a machine?

A. Theory of machines

B. Applied mechanics

C. Mechanisms

D. Kinematics

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  1. The mechanism forms a structure, when the number of degrees of freedom (n) is equal to
  2. Tangential acceleration direction is
  3. The tendency of a body to resist change from rest or motion is known as
  4. Kinematic pairs are those which have
  5. Any point on a link connecting double slider crank chain will trace a
  6. The tractive force in a locomotive with two cylinders is given by (where c = Fraction of reciprocating…
  7. When a ship travels in a sea, which of the effect is more dangerous
  8. With usual notations for different parameters involved, the maximum fluctuations of energy for a flywheel…
  9. When two pulleys of different diameters are connected by means of an open belt, the angle of contact…
  10. Sensitiveness of the governor is defined as the ratio of the
  11. If ω/ωn = 2, where co is the frequency of excitation and ωn is the natural frequency…
  12. The Bifilar suspension method is used to determine
  13. When a slider moves on a fixed link having curved surface, their instantaneous centre lies
  14. What is the number of instantaneous centres for an eight link mechanism?
  15. The example of spherical pair is
  16. When brakes are applied to all the four wheels of a moving car, the distance travelled by the car before…
  17. The maximum value of the pressure angle in case of cam is kept as
  18. Hammer blow
  19. Which of the following statement is correct?
  20. A flywheel is fitted to the crankshaft of an engine having W as the amount of indicated work per revolution…
  21. The frequency of oscillation at compared to earth will be
  22. In locomotives, the ratio of the connecting rod length to me crank radius is kept very large in order…
  23. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  24. The velocity of the reciprocating roller follower when it has contact with the straight flanks of the…
  25. Which type of gearing is used in steering system of an automobile?
  26. Bifilar suspension method is used to find the
  27. The following is the inversion of slider crank chain mechanism
  28. When a mass of a critically damped single degree of freedom system is deflected from its equilibrium…
  29. Which of the following is used to control the speed variations of the engine caused by the fluctuations…
  30. The balancing weights are introduced in planes parallel to the plane of rotation of the disturbing mass.…