A lathe with four steps on the cone pulley and with back-gears will have

A. Four direct speeds

B. Four indirect speeds

C. Four direct and four indirect speeds

D. Eight indirect speeds

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  1. The drill spindles are provided with standard taper known as
  2. Down milling is also called
  3. A right hand tool on a lathe cuts most efficiently when it travels
  4. It is desired to perform the operations like drilling, reaming, counter-boring etc. on a work piece.…
  5. The process of removing metal by a cutter which is rotated in the same direction of travel of workpiece,…
  6. Two 1 mm thick steel sheets are to be spot welded at a current of 5000 A. Assuming effective resistance…
  7. Lathe bed is made of
  8. A drill bit of 20 mm diameter rotating at 500 r.p.m. with a feed rate of 0.2 mm/revolution is used to…
  9. Hardness of steel greatly improves with
  10. The chamfering is an essential operation after
  11. The correct sequence of the following parameters in order of their maximum to minimum influence on tool…
  12. The tool may fail due to
  13. Crater wear is mainly due to the phenomenon known as
  14. In a particular type of welding, flux is prepared in the form of a coarse powder and granulated flux…
  15. In transverse grinding
  16. The enlarging of an existing circular hole with a rotating single point tool is called
  17. The silicon carbide abrasive is chiefly used for grinding
  18. Crater wear occurs mainly on the
  19. Gear lapping is an operation
  20. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  21. In a planer
  22. In drilling aluminium, a drill with
  23. Relief angles on high speed steel tools usually vary from
  24. The rake angle required to machine brass by high speed steel tool is
  25. The common welding error that occurs due to shrinkage of weld metal, faulty clamping of parts, faulty…
  26. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of low tensile strength is
  27. Trepanning is an operation of
  28. The factor responsible for the formation of discontinuous chips is
  29. In orthogonal turning of a low carbon steel bar of diameter 150 mm with uncoated carbide tool, the cutting…
  30. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planer is