Out of the following, from where you will prefer to take intake for air compressor

A. From an air conditioned room maintained at 20°C

B. From outside atmosphere at 1°C

C. From coal yard side

D. From a side where cooling tower is located nearby

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  1. Work ratio of a gas turbine may be improved by
  2. The stagnation pressure rise in a centrifugal compressor takes place
  3. Volumetric efficiency of air compressors is of the order of
  4. The compressor capacity with decrease in suction temperature
  5. Pick up the correct statement
  6. Atmospheric pressure is 1.03 kg/cm and vapour pressure is 0.03 kg/cm. The air pressure will be
  7. The pressure ratio of an ideal vaned compressor with increase in mass flow rate
  8. The ratio of the discharge pressure to the inlet pressure of air is called
  9. In open cycle turbojet engines used in military aircraft, reheating the exhaust gas from the turbine…
  10. Ratio of indicated h.p. to shaft h.p. in known as
  11. In a high pressure compressor, the delivery pressure is
  12. The assumption made in two stage compression with intercooler is that
  13. After-cooler is used to
  14. In a single stage, single acting reciprocating air compressor, without clearance, the workdone on the…
  15. Aeroplanes employ following type of compressor
  16. Air-fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of
  17. Pick up the correct statement
  18. Separators are generally used in air compressor installations
  19. Surging is the phenomenon of
  20. The ideal efficiency of simple gas turbine cycle depends on
  21. The volumetric efficiency of compressor with increase in compression ratio will
  22. Euler's equation is applicable for
  23. The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of
  24. Volumetric efficiency of a compressor without clearance volume
  25. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  26. 1 m of air at atmospheric condition weighs approximately
  27. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  28. The volumetric efficiency of a compressor
  29. The work ratio of a gas turbine plant is defined as the ratio of
  30. In the axial flow gas turbine, the work ratio is the ratio of