Pearlite comprises of

A. 87% cementite & 13% Fe

B. 87% ferrite & 13% cementite

C. 93.33% ferrite & 6.67% C

D. 87% ferrite & 13% C

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  1. Cemented carbide tools are not suitable for cutting
  2. Pearlite comprises of
  3. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  4. Thermit welding is categorised as the __________ welding.
  5. Methyl orange indicator turns
  6. Alcohols are not suitable as diesel engine fuel because the cetane number of alcohols is
  7. Dryness fraction of dry steam is
  8. With increase in temperature, the surface tension of water
  9. Pick out the wrong statement.
  10. Silicon percentage in acid resistant cast iron is about
  11. Theoretical volume of oxygen required for complete combustion of 1Nm3 of acetylene, in oxyacetylene…
  12. The difference between gross & net calorific values of fuel is due to the
  13. Corrosion rate cannot be lowered by reducing the __________ of the corroding medium.
  14. Corrosion is
  15. Maraging steels derive their strength from the following mechanism:
  16. __________ has a negative co-efficient of linear expansion.
  17. The lightest non-inflammable gas is
  18. A jig is used while __________ a hole.
  19. On oscilloscope screen for dynamic measurement, lissajous diagram is normally used to determine the…
  20. Pick out the wrong statement.
  21. Window panes of aeroplanes are normally made of
  22. Powder metallurgy is used to produce
  23. Which of the following commonly used condenser tube materials has the lowest thermal conductivity?
  24. Exposure to __________ accelerates the degradation of plastics.
  25. Titanium is added to molten aluminium alloys before casting for the purpose of
  26. Material of construction of the electrode used in the electric resistance welding is
  27. Pick out the wrong statement.
  28. The unit of gc is
  29. Cold chisel & hammers are made of
  30. Wood is a/an __________ material.