The normal heptane (C7H16) is given a rating of ________ octane number.

A. 0

B. 50

C. 100

D. 120

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  1. The expansion of fuel in a four stroke cycle diesel engine
  2. A supercharged engine as compared to an ordinary engine
  3. The reflectivity depends upon
  4. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the inlet valve
  5. The knocking in spark ignition engines can be reduced by
  6. The specific fuel consumption of a petrol engine compared to diesel engine of same H.P. is
  7. A petrol engine, during suction stroke draws
  8. The power actually developed by the engine cylinder of an I.C. engine is known as
  9. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  10. A 75 cc engine has following parameter as 75 cc
  11. In a naturally aspirated diesel engine, the air is supplied by
  12. Which of the following is false statement? Some of the methods used to reduce diesel smoke are as follows
  13. The exhaust valve in a four stroke cycle petrol engine
  14. In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the inlet valve
  15. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the pressure inside the engine cylinder during the suction stroke…
  16. Which of the following does not relate to a compression ignition engine?
  17. Flash point of fuel oil is
  18. The calorific value of gaseous fuels is expressed in terms of
  19. The maximum temperature in the I.C. engine cylinder is of the order of
  20. Crankcase explosion in I.C. engines usually occurs as
  21. The knocking in diesel engines may be prevented by
  22. The thermal efficiency of a standard Otto cycle for a compression ratio of 5.5 will be
  23. The increase of efficiency of a compression ignition engine, as the load decreases, is due to
  24. In a diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by
  25. An engine indicator is used to determine the following
  26. Volatility of diesel fuel oil is
  27. In a petrol engine, the fuel supplied to the engine cylinder is mixed with required quantity of air…
  28. In a diesel engine, the duration between the time of injection and ignition, is known as
  29. The specific fuel consumption per BH hour for a petrol engine is approximately
  30. The combustion in compression ignition engines is