The property of material, by which a given amount of energy is absorbed by it, without plastic deformation, is called

A. Resilience

B. Toughness

C. Ductility

D. Impact strength

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  1. Powder metallurgy is used to produce
  2. The materials which fracture even at small strains are termed as brittle, while those materials which…
  3. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
  4. Midrex process of sponge iron production uses reformed natural gas as the reducing agent, which uses…
  5. A metal having a Poisson's ratio = 0.3 is elastically deformed under uniaxial tension. If the longitudinal…
  6. Which of the following is the most suitable abrasive for grinding high tensile strength materials?
  7. High endurance limit of carburised machine parts is because of the fact that carburisation
  8. Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Com-pany is
  9. In case of simple harmonic motion, displacement is proportional to the
  10. In the blast furnace, incorporation of water vapour in the blast gives the following effect.
  11. Reduction in the grain size reduces the __________ of the material.
  12. Transformation range for ferrous material is the temperature interval during which __________ is formed…
  13. __________ flux is used for the extraction of metal from its self fluxing ores.
  14. The taper provided on pattern for its easy & clean withdrawal from the mould is termed as the __________…
  15. Material of construction of the electrode used in the electric resistance welding is
  16. __________ rubber is generally used for making 'O' rings used for vacuum sealings.
  17. The pressure outside a bubble/droplet of liquid is __________ the internal pressure.
  18. __________ remains constant during the adiabatic cooling of moist air.
  19. An abrupt and sudden fall in the reading of barometer is an indication of the
  20. If a solid is compressed adiabatically in its elastic range, its __________ remains constant
  21. Oxide layer formed on the non-ferrous metal surface after its annealing is
  22. A jet engine turbine blade is normally manufactured by
  23. Magnetic permeability of iron is increased by its
  24. Percentage of differential pressure lost in a Venturimeter with a tapering of 15° may be about
  25. Consider the equilibrium A(g) + B(g) = AB(g). When the partial pressure of A is 10-2 atm, the partial…
  26. A solid aluminium ball, when quenched in a water bath maintained at 40°C, cools down from 550°C…
  27. A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at that location in m/sec2 is
  28. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
  29. Coating thickness in case of galvanising of steel sheet generally corresponds to the deposition of __________…
  30. Powder metallurgy process does not make metal powder by