The refractory brick which has good thermal shock resistance at high temperature but cracks on cooling below 400°C is

A. Magnesite

B. Chrome

C. Silica

D. Fireclay

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  1. The life of a ball bearing is inversely proportional to
  2. __________ joint is mostly used for joining pipes carrying water at low pressure.
  3. Wrought iron does not have
  4. On decreasing the grain size of a polycrystalline material, the property most likely to deteriorate…
  5. Lead is added to 60:40 brass primarily to improve
  6. Sand used to stop the green sand from sticking to the pattern is termed as the __________ sand.
  7. Maximum consumption of limestone is in the __________ industry.
  8. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  9. Cast iron contains __________ percent carbon.
  10. The 'laughing gas' is
  11. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  12. In multipass welds, shot peening is done after each pass to
  13. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  14. Gross national product (GNP) means the total value of __________ in a country.
  15. For separating small pieces of metal from engine oil of a car, the best separating technique is the
  16. Plastics as a material of construction suffer from the drawback of low
  17. With increasing carbon percent in steel beyond 0.8%, its ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and __________…
  18. __________ number determines whether the fluid flow in an open channel is supercritical, critical or…
  19. Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an
  20. An approximately __________ process exemplifies the flow of a gas through a very long pipe of uniform…
  21. Annealing of cast iron
  22. In case of a, centrifugal pump, the ratio h1/h2 is termed as the __________ efficiency (where, h1 =…
  23. The pressure drop per unit length for laminar flow of fluid through a long pipe is proportional to (where,…
  24. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
  25. Nusselt number is related to Grashoff number (Gr) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively, in respect…
  26. Baffles provided on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger are meant for
  27. Preheating before welding is done to
  28. For the Stoke's law to be valid in the case of a falling sphere in a fluid, the
  29. Water-tube boiler is the one, in which
  30. In case of simple harmonic motion, displacement is proportional to the