The value of Lewis form factor used in design of gears is

A. Dependent on number of teeth of a gear

B. Dependent on system of teeth

C. Independent of size of teeth

D. All of these

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  1. A chain drive transmits __________ power as compared to belt drive.
  2. If threads on a bolt are left hand, threads on nut will be
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  11. I.S. specifies following total number of grades of tolerances
  12. The velocity of sliding ________ the distance of the point of contact from the pitch point.
  13. In worm gears, the pressure angle is ________ the angle between two inclined faces in axial plane.
  14. Stress concentration is caused due to
  15. Belt slip may occur due to
  16. Eulers formula for a mild steel column is not valid if the slenderness ratio is
  17. An alien bolt is
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  25. In a boundary lubricated bearing, there is a __________ of lubricant between the journal and the bearing.
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  27. When a helical compression spring is cut into halves, the stiffness of the resulting spring will be
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