Which of the following is not a component of file system

A. Access method

B. Auxiliary storage management

C. Free integrity mechanism

D. None of the above

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  1. The signature of a function is
  2. Static member functions have file scope.
  3. Class is similar to a variable.
  4. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  5. The members of a class by default are private.
  6. Classes are useful because they
  7. Which of the following is true about const member functions?
  8. Reference to an object behaves like a constant pointer.
  9. A pure virtual function is a virtual function that has
  10. A copy constructor is used to copy an object member wise to another object of the same class.
  11. The declaration int **var1; shows that
  12. Private data members can be accessed
  13. The value of 'this' pointer can be changed.
  14. Scope resolution operator has the highest precedence.
  15. main() returns a value of type
  16. What is the output of the following program segment - for(i = 1, j = 0; i < 10; i++) j += i; cout…
  17. You can read input that consists of multiple lines of text using
  18. Which of the following can legitimately be passed to a function?
  19. Pick out the most appropriate statement
  20. By default, members cannot be inherited.
  21. Data objects can be initialized when allocating memory using 'new'.
  22. A destructor can have arguments like constructor.
  23. A function that is called automatically when an object is created is known as
  24. this' is an implicit pointer.
  25. Inline function specifier reduces the overheads associated with a normal function call.
  26. The characteristic that data can be manipulated only through member functions that are part of the class…
  27. In C++, an identifier must be initialized using constant expression.
  28. Element double Array[7] is which element of the array?
  29. Friend function have access to the
  30. ios containes a pointer to streambuf.