Catalyst used in the catalytic converter employed in automobiles to convert CO into CO2 and for complete oxidation of un-burnt hydrocarbons is

A. Nickel

B. Cobalt

C. Vanadium

D. Platinum

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  1. Baffles provided on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger are meant for
  2. Which of the following metals cannot be hot worked at room temperature?
  3. A material in which the atoms are arranged regularly in some directions but not in others, is termed…
  4. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
  5. Powder metallurgy is used to produce
  6. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  7. A material subjected __________ must have high resilience.
  8. In a counter flow heat exchanger, hot fluid enters at 170°C & leaves at 150°C, while the cold…
  9. Which of the following is the most suitable material of construction for the condenser tubes, where…
  10. The property of material, by which a given amount of energy is absorbed by it, without plastic deformation,…
  11. Batch process is preferred over continuous process, when the
  12. As per international norms, the maximum permissible value of noise level in the industrial environment…
  13. The atmospheric temperature during melting of ice/snow (in the atmosphere)
  14. Between 230 and 370°C, blue brittleness is caused in mild steel because of the
  15. Silicon percentage in acid resistant cast iron is about
  16. High relative humidity decreases the evaporative process and as the temperature is increased, the relative…
  17. Limestone is added in the blast furnace (during pig iron manufacture) to
  18. Dew point temperature always gives an indication of the __________ of the moist air.
  19. Boiler draught of 10 mm water column is equivalent to
  20. Unbreakable crockeries are made from __________ polymers.
  21. __________ can replace tungsten in high speed steel.
  22. Parallel straight line pattern of temperature distribution for both hot and cold fluids is observed…
  23. Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales have the same readings at
  24. Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil,…
  25. Tin based white metals are used, where bearings are subjected to
  26. Which of the following is not the commercial name of poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA)?
  27. An example of unsteady non uniform flow is the flow of liquid under pressure through a
  28. Which of the following is a boiler accessory i.e., not a boiler mounting?
  29. Principal alloying element in Elinvar (used for making hair springs for watches) is
  30. The mechanism involved in the removal of metal in drilling operation is by